Curious Crow is our founding and namesake brand.  In addition to flower and shake, we are  proud of our kief infused cones.  Many satisfied customers have told us they are some of the strongest joints on the market.  Our kief cones are made with flower, not sugarleaf, and are infused with 2 ounces of kief per pound of flower.  And if you like a good smoke, don't miss our black label products, which include oil, kief, and bud in either a joint or moon rock...delicious and potent!


Sun grown with love


No energy sucking grow lamps and concrete buildings here.  Our cannabis grows the way mother nature intended, harnessing the awesome power of the sun to create strong, potent flower, without the massive and wasteful energy consumption of indoor growing.  Pest control is limited to natural methods and products.



This is cannabis for the rest of us, to relax, chill, and smile.  Clean, sun grown Cannabelle cannabis, with the benefits of CBD in every product.  We blend THC and CBD dominant strains in our joints and oil.  A variety of products and cannabinoid profiles.  Find your perfect blend.  


Relax.  Chill.  SMILE


Benefits of Cannabis:

No hangover

No calories

No headaches

No reported deaths from over consumption

Why are you still drinking alcohol?



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